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Volume 18 Number 1

Journal Articles

Is the Australian Defence Force Joint Enough?
Mark Gilchrist
Implications for Contemporary Defence Leaders of Air-Land Integration as Part of the Burma Campaign During the Second World War
Mark Mankowski
Gaming to Win: Enhancing Military Decision-Making
Nick Bosio
Defeat an Enemy’s Adaptation— The ‘Emergent Decisive Event’
Nicholas Mahr
Understanding Defeat
Mark Sargent
Ignorant Amateurs: Remediating the Surprise and Deception Knowledge Deficit
James Casey
Motorised, Mechanised and Armoured Infantry: A Short History of the Development of Armoured Vehicle- Borne Infantry and Its Relevance to the Australian Army Today
Leo Purdy

Journal Book Reviews

Semut: The Untold Story of a Secret Australian Operation in WWII Borneo
Reviewed by Peter J Dean
The History of the Fiji Military Forces 1939–1945
Reviewed by Sonya Russell and Atonio Nagauna
2034: A Novel of the Next World War
Reviewed by Albert Palazzo
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