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Robotic and Autonomous Systems

Robotic and Autonomous Systems (RAS) will change future battlespaces and the way Army trains and fights.

Army’s 2022 RAS Strategy outlines how we will explore ways we team up with machines and systems through three themes; intelligent machine, machine to machine teaming, and human to machine teaming.

The benefits of RAS technology include maximising soldier performance, improving decision making, generating mass and scalable effects, protecting the force and operational efficiencies.

In collaboration with industry, academia, allies and partners, Army will explore emerging RAS opportunities through a ‘learn by doing’ approach that leverages the knowledge, skills and potential of our people.

Brain Robotic Interface (BRI) 2022 update

Did you know that brain signals can control robotic and autonomous systems?

The Brain Robotic Interface is designed to merge a soldier’s strategy, expertise and creativity with the overall mass and effects of Robotic and Autonomous Systems (RAS) to create a significant force multiplier.

Trials in 2022 demonstrated the potential use of human-machine teams.

Leader-Follower 2022 update

RICO is leading into technology through experimentation of autonomous Leader-Follower trucks, a collaboration with Deakin University and the Australian Road Research Board.

Trials at Point Cook, Avalon and Bathurst in 2022 helped to identify and address technical, operational and regulatory challenges to enable the use of autonomy in the future. The Bathurst trial marked the first time Army has operated autonomous vehicles on a controlled public road. 

Autonomous Ammunition Loading System

RICO is trialling an autonomous ammunition loading system project in collaboration with Eclips Logistics and Universal Field Robotics through the Defence Innovation Hub.

A concept demonstration in 2022 looked to understand the application of robotics to increase efficiency and remove the manual burden on soldiers, reducing injuries and reallocating them to address higher priority tasks.

Optionally Crewed Combat Vehicles 2021 update

RICO is experimenting with enhancing current vehicles into Optionally Crewed Combat Vehicles (OCCV) to allow for remote control operation. OCCV’s have the potential to protect force and generate mass and scalable effects.

Trials at Mangalore in 2021 sought to understand the level of autonomy required for different warfare environments. 

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