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Land Power Forum

The Land Power Forum blog is published by the Australian Army Research Centre in order to generate discussion and debate about the future of Army.

It is a forum for informed analysis, commentary, thoughts and ideas. Contributions are welcomed from stakeholders, subject matter experts and those interested in future land warfare.

Australian Army soldier Corporal Meg Reeves uses a Ghost Robotics quadruped robot for a reconnaissance task at Mount Pleasant, Canberra.
Science, Technology and Industry (Spotlight Brief 2/21) Mark O'Neill, Lindsay Oconnor
20 April 2021 Spotlight Brief
Army Quantum Technology Roadmap
Launch of the Army Quantum Technology Roadmap Marcus Doherty
16 April 2021 Quantum TechnologyRICO
A pilot looking outisde the cockpit window at a person flying with a jetpack
Rethinking Land 8710 Phase 1: The Jet-Pack as the Ship-to-Shore Connector Albert Palazzo
15 April 2021 Emerging Technologies
Army Quantum Technology Challenge 2021
Army Quantum Technology Challenge 2021 Marcus Doherty
14 April 2021 Quantum TechnologyEmerging TechnologiesRICOIndustry
The Chief of the Defence Force General Angus Campbell joined security leaders from 24 nations and territories, and five regional bodies for the Joint Heads of Pacific Security event 2020.
Economics (Spotlight Brief 1/21) Mark O'Neill, Lindsay Oconnor
29 March 2021 Spotlight Brief
Black ants marching across red dirt.
Looking to 2040: The Swarm Advantage Sam Sherrin
26 March 2021 Emerging TechnologiesFuture ReadyRobotics & Autonomous Systems
Nose of military transport aircraft from left with troops along ground walking away from the aircraft in single file
Geostrategic Dynamics (Spotlight Brief 1/21) Mark O'Neill, Lindsay Oconnor
24 March 2021 Spotlight Brief
Dr Al Palazzo adjacent to the book cover of Anatomy of a Campaign
Book Review: Anatomy of a Campaign: The British Fiasco in Norway, 1940 Albert Palazzo
24 March 2021 Book review
Australian Aid cargo on the deck of an Australian LHD
Our Region (Spotlight Brief 1/21) Mark O'Neill, Lindsay Oconnor
23 March 2021 Spotlight Brief
Flare in the background at night.
New Publication: Spotlight Brief 1/21 Mark O'Neill, Lindsay Oconnor
17 March 2021 Strategic AnalysisSpotlight Brief
Flowing colours for effect
Exploiting Intelligence Mission Data: an option for autonomous advantage David Cave
23 February 2021 Robotics & Autonomous Systems
Four armoured vehicles in a row firing at a central point in semi-darkness; firing has produced red lighting effect
The Future is the Present - Welcome to the Land Power Forum for 2021 David Beaumont
16 February 2021 Future Ready
Debt Financing by Nick Youngson CC BY-SA 3.0
Looking for silver linings: Budgetary certainty for the military in times of economic recession Nitin Gupta
16 December 2020 Economics
British Infantry with MILAN Anti Tank Guided Weapon (IWM)
Tailored Capability and Modest Competencies: the U.K.’s Cold War Territorial Army as a cost-effective model for Australian Army expansion? Charles Knight
15 December 2020 Land combatAccelerated Warfare
Army briefing from wall in a darkened room
Are we doing enough to prepare for the coming urban conflict? Benchmarking the French Army’s approach Ben McLennan
11 December 2020 TrainingArmy in Motion
Earth viewed from space
Part 2: A worsening skills balance – a key legacy of Australia’s unprecedented prosperity Nitin Gupta
9 December 2020 Strategy
Australian soldiers in parade formation seen side on up close
Part 1: People capability - The military’s strategic imperative Nitin Gupta
8 December 2020 Strategy
Silhouetted soldier with palm trees and sunshine in background
Benchmarking the French Army’s ‘model’ modernisation program Ben McLennan
4 December 2020 Modernisation
ETO logo with reading material
Emerging Threats and Opportunities Australian Army Research Centre
3 December 2020 Emerging Threats and Opportunities
French military
Raising training to the level of required readiness Ben McLennan
2 December 2020 Ready NowFuture Ready
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