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Power and Energy

As technology proliferates in the modern battlespace, the demand for power and energy is changing. The explosion in microelectronics, sensors and computing is driving unprecedented levels of energy dependence and demand.

There’s a wide range of emerging technology in the power and energy space that will impact most of Army’s systems. This includes deployable infrastructure, land platforms and soldier worn combat systems.

Exploiting this technology can improve supply chain performance, provide greater energy autonomy and increase Army’s capability performance across multiple domains.

Power and energy are a vital commodity in any military force that will shape the design of Army’s future operations, its force design and operating concepts.

An Australian Army electric protected mobility vehicle demonstrated the capability to provide power to enable a medical treatment team to deploy in the field at Gallipoli Barracks, Brisbane. Photo: Corporal Nicole Dorrett

Electric Bushmaster powers medical capability

The Robotic and Autonomous Systems Implementation and Coordination Office (RICO) has trialled the electric protected mobility vehicle (ePMV) with a 2 Health Battalion (2HB) medical treatment team to test the viability of powering deployable medical capabilities.

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Solar Harvesting

Army is exploring solar to harvest energy and increase stealth on the battlefield.

Trials with 16 Air Land Regiment demonstrated that communication systems can operate for twice the duration without the need to start the vehicle's engine, increasing survivability.

This iteration of the technology including a grip solar panel and matte-black solar panel has further increased operational effectiveness and decreased glare. 

Electrification 2022 Update

RICO continues to explore electrification including the harvesting of solar energy, and electric propulsion technology.

Electrification technology can increase energy performance and Army’s sustainability and resilience.  

Our partnership with Praxis Labs and 3ME is supporting Army to be Future Ready. 


Potential Benefits of Electric Propulsion

Trials of the electric Protected Mobility Vehicle (ePMV) have demonstrated multiple potential benefits of electric propulsions.

Benefits include superior signature management, greater flexibility to export electrical energy, tactical agility and reduced demand on the supply chain.

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Electrification on the Battlefield

As technology proliferates in the modern battlespace, the demand for power and energy is changing. Electrification technology can increase energy performance and Army's sustainability and resilience.

In 2020, Army showcased the potential applications of electrification on the battlefield including electric motorbikes, deployable solar and energy storing devices.

Electric Protected Mobility Vehicle Prototype

RICO is experimenting with a bushmaster vehicle prototype using electric propulsion technology capable of generating enough power to run the average Australian home for six days.

Trials at the School of Armour in 2022 demonstrated disruptive outcomes of electric propulsion, including thermal and acoustic signature management, ability to export electrical energy, Robotic and Autonomous Systems (RAS) connectivity and tactical agility. 


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