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  • research scheme

    Army Research Scheme

    The Australian Army Research Centre is seeking service providers to undertake paid research on topics to inform future land force development and modernisation.

  • staff rides

    Staff Rides

    Military Staff rides and battlefield study tours have long been used across the world’s militaries as an effective tool for the professional military education of officers with a focus on junior officers.

  • honours students

    ADFA Honours Students

    Honours years at ADFA are highly desirable, sought after by the most academically gifted students and promoted to all students by ADFA, RMC and DOCM-A staff. It is to be considered the first option for eligible high performing Army ADFA students, ahead of all other career options including unit postings.

  • scholars

    Chief of Army Scholars

    The focus of the Chief of Army’s (CAs) Scholarship’s aim is to enable high preforming individual’s time to invest in academic research of immediate benefit to the Australian Army, both in a
    broad sense and those that specifically address future warfare and the profession of arms.

  • keogh chair

    E.G. Keogh Visiting Chair

    The E.G. Keogh Visiting Chair is an annual visit by a selected eminent academic in strategic or war studies designed to increase the profile of debate on land warfare issues in Australia.