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Chief of Army Keogh Chair 2015 Seminar

Australian Army Research Centre (AARC)

The Australian Army Research Centre (AARC) was established in mid-2016 in accordance with the wishes of the then Chief of Army Lieutenant General Angus Campbell. It is the successor to the Land Warfare Studies Centre. It sits as a Directorate within the Army’s Future Land Warfare Branch in the Land Capability Division of Army Headquarters.


The AARC conducts strategic studies, research and analysis, fosters debate and advocates the value of the joint land force to Government, academia and the public.


The AARC is dedicated to improving the Army’s understanding of the profession of arms. Its purpose is to promote the contribution of the land force to joint operations in peace and war. The AARC conducts applied research on the employment and modernisation of Army with particular reference to Australia’s circumstances and interests. It raises the level of professional debate on war and its challenges within the Army, the nation and international audiences. The AARC enhances the professionalism, leadership and ethical awareness of Australian soldiers and officers.

To disseminate ideas and to promote debate, the AARC maintains a vibrant publication and seminar program. The AARC’s flagship publication is the Australian Army Journal, now over 70 years old. The AARC also publishes Occasional Papers and shorter works on its blog, the Land Power Forum. Fortnightly the AARC hosts a seminar series in the Ngunnawal Theatre in Russell. The AARC also hosts academic level conferences such as ‘Ethics under Fire’ and ‘On Ops’.

The AARC contributes to Army’s understanding of the future character of war and the advancement of land power through a number of initiatives. These include:

  • Contributing to the development of strategic concepts, strategies, and force structure options;
  • Publish intellectual debate through the Australian Army Journal, Occasional Papers, and Land Power Forum;
  • Managing the Keogh Chair and the Staff Ride Programs;
  • Managing the Army Research Scheme; and
  • Mentoring the work of the CA Scholars and CA Honours Students.
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