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Emerging and disruptive technology is demanding innovative approaches to increase Army’s capacity, introduce and challenge concepts, and deliver cutting-edge capabilities to our soldiers.

Army is investing in a broad range of emerging and disruptive technologies that are at different phases of maturity from the early concept stage through to demonstration, prototyping and integration.

In partnership with industry and academia, Army is exploring the latest innovative technologies through a ‘learn by doing’ approach that taps into the knowledge, skills and potential of our people.

Innovation is a mindset and behaviour that we are fostering across Army to drive exploration and development of the most advanced and disruptive technology to provide competitive advantage.

Army MakerSpace

Makerspace is an Army initiative providing a place for learning-by-making and education in innovative approaches, creative thinking, and agile methodologies. All Army personnel are invited to join their local community of makers to gain a professional toolbox of problem-solving techniques to tackle Army’s current and emerging challenges.


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Last updated: 21 March 2023 - 9:25am