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The Robotic & Autonomous Implementation & Coordination Office (RICO) explores, coordinates and develops concepts using disruptive technology. Focusing on robotic and autonomous systems (RAS) as well as enabling technologies such as artificial intelligence, machine learning, quantum technologies, power and energy, RICO uses specialist personnel with Army’s total workforce model to advance knowledge in artificial intelligence, quantum technologies, robotics and autonomy.


Army established the RICO within the Future Land Warfare Branch of Land Capability division to increase its adoption of disruptive technologies. Army's Quantum Technology Roadmap, Robotic and Autonomous Systems Strategy, and Power and Energy Plan are three of RICO's principal works towards a Future Ready Army.

Quantum Technology Challenge 2021 (QTC 2021)

The first Army Quantum Technology Challenge (QTC 2021) saw teams of Australia’s world-leading quantum scientists and engineers show how quantum technologies can conceptually deliver Army unprecedented capabilities.  You can watch the team presentations on the QTC 2021 page.

RICO Publications

Last updated: 29 April 2021 - 7:30am