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Volume 17 Number 1

Journal Articles

The Interwar Militia—A Reappraisal
Major Sam Baumgarten
Actionable Concepts for Future Dismounted Combat Teams
Mr Nicholas Kempt, Lieutenant Colonel Scott Holmes, Dr Matthew Richmond, Dr Matthew Sawers, Mr Kim Tang
The Atomic Division: The Australian Army Pentropic Experiment, 1959–1965
Dr Justin Chadwick
Beyond Joint ‘Land’ Combat: How We Might Creatively Integrate Prospective Strike Capabilities
Captain Will Leben
iCan Help You: The Benefits of Artificial Intelligence to Military Forces Outside of Warfighting Operations
Captain Samuel White
Secularism and Pastoral Care in the Australian Defence Force
Colonel Phillip Hoglin, CSC
From The Vault: The Basis Of Expansion For War*
Directorate of Military Training, AHQ

Journal Book Reviews

Anatomy of a Soldier
Reviewed by Dr Jordan Beavis
Warfare and Culture in World History
Review by Mr John Mackenzie
On Contested Shores: The Evolving Role of Amphibious Operations in the History of Warfare
Reviewed by Lieutenant Colonel Mark Tutton
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