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Volume 14, Number 3, Army Motion Edition

Journal Articles
Lieutenant General Rick Burr, Chief of Army, Australian Army
Building a Resilient and Rules-Based Security Community in the Indo-Pacific Region 
The Honourable Christopher Pyne, Member of Parliament, Minister for Defence
Opening Address: The Application of Land Power in the Indo-Pacific 
Lieutenant General Rick Burr, Chief of Army, Australian Army
The Indo-Pacific: The Region of Global Connection 
Lieutenant General Mahesh Senanyake, Commander - Sri Lanka Army
The Indo-Pacific: Opportunities, Risks and Interdependencies 
Mr Michael Shoebridge, Director of Defence and Strategy, Australian Strategic Policy Institute
Shoring Up Regional Partnerships 
Mr Tom Hamilton, Acting Deputy Secretary, Strategic Policy and Intelligence Group, Department of Defence
Special Forces, Counterterrorism and Partnership 
Major General Adam Findlay, Commander of Special Operations, Australian Army
Us as the Enemy: Jihadism and the Strategic Narrative of Anti-Westernism 
Ms Katja Theodorakis, Programme Manager for Foreign/Security Policy and Counterterrorism, Australian National University
Generating Land Power through Partnering 
Major General Greg Bilton, Deputy Chief Joint Operations, Australian Army
Trust and Respect in Regional Partnerships 
Brigadier General Gilbert Toropo, Chief of Defence Force, Papua New Guinea Defence Force
Soldiers and Diplomats Working Together 
Mr Richard Sadlier, First Assistant Secretary, International Security Division, Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade
Inter-agency Cooperation and the Challenge of Culture 
Mr Glenn Dunbier, Deputy Executive Director, Australian Civil Military Centre
The Challenges and Opportunities of Emerging Technology 
Major General Kathyrn Toohey, Head Land Capability, Australian Army
The Nexus of Land and Sea: the Shaper of Future Indo-Pacific Land Forces with a Focus on China and India 
Professor Ji You, Head of Dept of Government, University of Macau
The Character of Future Indo-Pacific land forces 
Professor Genevieve Bell, Director Autonomy, Agency and Assurance, Australian National University
The Future of Land Forces: Trusted Teams of Professionals that Thrive in Complexity 
General Robert B Brown, Commanding General, US Army Pacific
Dinner Address to the Chief of Army Land Forces Seminar 2018: The Indo-Pacific Doesn’t Exist - Professor Allan Gyngel 
Professor Allan Gyngell, Australian Institute of International Affairs
Volume 14, Number 3, Army Motion Edition

Publication Date

2018 (CALFS18)

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