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Volume 14, Number 3, Army Motion Edition

Journal Articles

The Indo-Pacific: The Region of Global Connection
Lieutenant General Mahesh Senanyake
The Indo-Pacific: Opportunities, Risks and Interdependencies
Mr Michael Shoebridge
Shoring Up Regional Partnerships
Mr Tom Hamilton
Special Forces, Counterterrorism and Partnership
Major General Adam Findlay
Us as the Enemy: Jihadism and the Strategic Narrative of Anti-Westernism
Ms Katja Theodorakis
Generating Land Power through Partnering
Major General Greg Bilton
Trust and Respect in Regional Partnerships
Brigadier General Gilbert Toropo
Soldiers and Diplomats Working Together
Mr Richard Sadlier
Inter-agency Cooperation and the Challenge of Culture
Mr Glenn Dunbier
The Challenges and Opportunities of Emerging Technology
Major General Kathyrn Toohey
The Nexus of Land and Sea: the Shaper of Future Indo-Pacific Land Forces with a Focus on China and India
Professor Ji You
The Character of Future Indo-Pacific land forces
Professor Genevieve Bell
The Future of Land Forces: Trusted Teams of Professionals that Thrive in Complexity
General Robert B Brown