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Volume 13, Number 2, Spring

Journal Articles
Developing Strategic Thinking 
Major Leon Young
Strategy and adaptation in counterinsurgency: lessons for the Australian Defence Force from the defeat of the Tamil Tigers 
Major David Cave
What to do and how to think if you want to lead 
Nicholas Jans, PhD, OAM
Informational properties of extremist content: An evidence-based approach 
Dr Waseem Afzal and Dr Jake Wallis
USA Military Exemptions in International Treaty Law – Should Australia Follow Suit? 
Captain Michelle F. Rourke
Towards an Integrated System for Army Logistics Management 
Elizabeth Chang, Daniel D. Prior, and Florian Gottwalt
An essay on the Success of Air-Land Integration during the Burma Campaign in World War II–An illustration of the importance of leadership, adaptation, innovation, and integration 
Lieutenant Colonel Mark Mankowski
Volume 13, Number 2, Spring

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