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Volume 12, Number 1, Winter

Journal Articles
Seeking Victory Against Hybrid Adversaries: The Changing Character of Twenty-first Century Threats and How to Fight Them 
Audrey Kurth Cronin, Distinguished Professor, George Mason University
Pure Manipulation: ISIL and the Exploitation of Social Media 
Captain Sean Childs
Logistics, Strategy and Tactics: Logistics in the Formation of the Medium-weight Army 
Lieutenant Colonel D.J. Beaumont
Regional Special Operations Force Capacity Building: An Asymmetric Australian Maritime Strategy 
Major Andrew Maher
The Capture of Unit 621: Lessons in Information Security Management from the North Africa Campaign 
Colonel Tim Gellel
Paid Volunteers: Experiencing Reserve Service and Resignation 
Major Jodie Lording
Enhancing the Army’s Urban Warfighting Capability 
Lieutenants Chris Hughes and William Leben
Force Protection’s Last Resort: Evaluating the Browning Hi-Power Mk III for the Australian Army of Tomorrow 
Deane-Peter Baker and Warrant Officer Class One W
Journal Book Reviews
Defence Planning and Uncertainty: Preparing for the Next Asia–Pacific War by Stephan Frühling 
Reviewed by Lori Lucietto
Rebalancing U.S. Forces: Basing and Forward Basing Presence in the Asia–Pacific edited by Carnes Lord and Andrew S. Erickson
Reviewed by Andrew Carr
Why We Lost: A General’s Inside Account of the Iraq and Afghanistan Wars by Daniel P. Bolger 
Reviewed by Brigadier Simon Stuart
The Backroom Boys: Alfred Conlon and Army’s Directorate of Research and Civil Affairs by Graeme Sligo
Reviewed by John Donovan
Climax at Gallipoli: The Failure of the August Offensive by Rhys Crawley
Reviewed by Brigadier Chris Roberts (Ret’d), AM, CSM
Volume 12, Number 1, Winter

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