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Volume 14, Number 2, Cyber-warfare Edition

Journal Articles
Major General Marcus Thompson, AM
The Utility of Offensive Cyber Operations in Conventional Military Engagements 
Captain Lachlan Abbott
Examining the Australian Army adaptation to Cyber-enabled Warfare - Organisational and Cultural Challenges 
Captain J
Transforming Army's Logistics Capabilities through Emerging Big Data Analytics 
Major Keyurkumar Patel
Cyber-resilient Supply Chains: Mission Assurance 
Dr Benjamin Turnbull
Australia's Readiness for a Complex Cyber Catastrophe 
Lieutenant Jonathon C Ladewig
Asymmetric Advantage in the Information Age: An Australian Concept for Cyber-Enabled 'Special Information Warfare' 
Captain Ben Johanson
Volume 14, Number 2, Cyber-warfare Edition

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