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Volume 10, Number 3, Culture Edition

Journal Articles
Serving Their Country: A Short History of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Service in the Australian Army 
Dr Noah Riseman
‘A Homosexual Institution’: Same-sex Desire in the Army During World War II 
Dr Graham Willett and Dr Yorick Smaal
Steyrs and Sheilas: The Modern Role of Women in the Australian Army 
Lance Corporal Hannah Evans
Sexuality, Cohesion, Masculinity and Combat Motivation: Designing Personnel Policy to Sustain Capability 
Lieutenant Colonel Charles Knight
Religious Diversity in the Australian Army: The Next Diversity Frontier? 
Lieutenant Colonel Phillip Hoglin
Military Retirement: Reflections from Former Members of Special Operations Forces 
Kira Harris, Dr Eyal Gringart and Dr Deirdre Drake
Hazing in the ADF: A culture of denial? 
Dr Richard Evans
The Myths of Cultural Awareness: Culture Does Not Eat Strategy for Breakfast 
Captain David M. Bergman, Swedish Armed Forces
Securing Army’s Future: Enhancing Career Management 
Major General Angus Campbell, Dr Corinne Manning and Brigadier Paul Nothard
Learning to Add Value: Fostering Cultures of Effective Learning in the Australian Army 
Steven Talbot
Family Friendly Army — First Class Policy, Second Class Implementation 
Lieutenant Colonel Kirsty Skinner and Ms Chloe Diggins
From Institution to Occupation: Australian Army Culture in Transition 
Anthony John
Army’s Spirit 
Warrant Officer David Ashley
Brothers and Sisters in Arms: Experiences of Gay Soldiers in the Australian Army 
Captain Dominic Lopez
On the Culture of the Australian Army 
Richard Hughes
Fifty Shades of Grey: Officer Culture in the Australian Army 
Captain James Brown
Lost in Translation – Plight of the Embed 
Author known only as ‘Airman Skippy Zed’
Volume 10, Number 3, Culture Edition

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