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Land Power Forum

The Land Power Forum blog is published by the Australian Army Research Centre in order to generate discussion and debate about the future of Army.

It is a forum for informed analysis, commentary, thoughts and ideas. Contributions are welcomed from stakeholders, subject matter experts and those interested in future land warfare.

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Book Review - A Military Transformed?
24 March 2022 Book reviewLandpower lessonsMilitary history

'A Military Transformed?' by Lociceerio provides valuable insights into the factors that enable or impede adaptation, innovation and reform in military organisations. In the opinion of the book's reviewer, BRIG Chris Roberts (Retd.), these insights are as relevant today as they were in the periods covered by the book's 14 historical studies.

A Royal Australian Air Force airman talks to the C-27J Spartan aircraft crew as they prepare to depart High Range training area near Townsville, Queensland, during Exercise Talisman Sabre 2019.
Integrated Campaigning - Part 1
22 March 2022 LeadershipJoint warfarePeople, Culture and Ethics

Nick Bosio examines how Integrated Campaigning works at the tactical, operational, and strategic level. He argues that the concept of Integrated Campaigning offers an underlying logic thread that should guide Australian military professionals to think and solve problems.

Argentinian Station Antarctica South Pole
Australia’s Antarctic Frontier: Our Unchecked Indo-Pacific Strategic Faultline – Part 2
10 March 2022 StrategyEmerging Threats and OpportunitiesMajor power competition

Building on his earlier post, Kurt Brown makes a case of elevating Antarctica in Australia's strategic discussions and investment decisions, and for reinforcing the Antarctic Treaty System.

Members of the 1st Battalion, Royal Australian Regiment, patrol through a village during Exercise Chapel Gold 2018 in Chiang Mai Province, Thailand; cover of Irregular Warfare Essay Collection in bottom left corner.
Irregular Warfare Observations from Southern Thailand
3 March 2022 Irregular WarfareHybrid WarfareLandpower lessons

Using the Southern Thailand insurgency as a case study, Christopher Webb reviews the historical, social and economic conditions affecting the Southern Thai provinces and explores the military and political responses to the violence.

Promo image - book cover - Landrecies to Cambrai
Book Review - Landrecies to Cambrai
3 March 2022 Book reviewLandpower lessonsMilitary history

This book presents a series of battle narratives written by a British military officer who served during both World Wars. Primarily focusing on selected WWI German offensive and defensive actions, the book also outlines British activities at the time. BRIG Chris Roberts (Retd.) assesses the merits of the book and its continued relevance to contemporary military practitioners.

Children from Sudan in an arid environment with the cover of the Irregular Warfare Essay Collection at bottom right
Why Women Conform
1 March 2022 Human SecurityIrregular WarfarePeople, Culture and Ethics

Using the South Sudanese civil war as a case study, Steph Costa reviews literature within two fields of of study - gender and security, and predictors of rebellion - and finds that the crucial role of women in state security is consistently overlooked.

Map of Antarctica Edward VII Land and surrounds
Australia’s Antarctic Frontier – Part 1
22 February 2022 StrategyEmerging Threats and OpportunitiesMajor power competition

Demanding greater strategic attention from Canberra is the future of Antarctica where Indo-Pacific contestation is rising. In this two part article, Kurt Brown discusses why.

Cover of Shortest History of War with blurred and larger background of the cover
Book Review - The Shortest History of War
22 February 2022 Book reviewLandpower lessonsMilitary history

Does useful military history exist only in weighty tomes? Dr Albert Palazzo finds that - despite its brevity - Gwynne Dyer's concise book, 'The Shortest History of War' offers valuable insights into the profession of arms to experienced practitioners and new soldiers alike.

Spartan warrior in full armour with sword and shield walking in long dry grass
How did Ancient warriors deal with Post Traumatic Stress Disorder?
17 February 2022 Cognitive edgeMilitary historyPeople, Culture and Ethics

Wayne Shipp reaches deep into history to discover what we can learn from ancient Greece about human performance in the modern Army.

Lieutenant Geoffrey Godkin of Mentoring Task Force - Four observes the Tangi Valley from a high point while on patrol with the Afghan National Army.; cover of Irregular Warfare Essay Collection at bottom left
Theorising Rebellion
16 February 2022 Irregular WarfareHybrid WarfareLandpower lessons

With the aim of reinvigorating Australian strategic thinking, Andrew Maher codifies the lessons from history into a conceptual framework for Irregular Warfare.

Ready to Write? The Australian Army Research Centre wants to hear from you
15 February 2022 Army in MotionFuture ReadyAccelerated Warfare

Do you have something to say about the future of Australian Army land power?  The Australian Army Research Centre invites your contribution. Read here to find out more.

Australian soldier looking down his weapon, with full gear on.
What Is War? Defining War, Conflict and Competition
10 February 2022 StrategyMilitary theory

In this article, Nick Bosio places the term 'warfare' within the spectrum of political coercion. He cautions that the rhetorical use of the word 'war' in modern parlance risks our ability to effectively think about, plan and execute operations.

Book Review - From Liddell Hart to Joan Littlewood
8 February 2022 Book reviewLandpower lessonsMilitary history

Reviewer BRIG Chris Roberts (Retd.) commends Professor Brian Bond’s book as insightful and thought provoking. This collection of essays is presented in four parts covering the Great War, inter-war years, the Second World War and the post 1945 period with a focus on the British experience.

Doggoles on. Sapper Shaun Ward with his explosive detection dog (EDD) Aussie ready to board a helicopter at the site of the new patrol base north of Baluchi Valley, Afghanistan.
Mimicking Canine Olfactory Sensing Using Solid-State Vapour Detectors
3 February 2022 Land combatEmerging TechnologiesArmy in Motion

Oscar Fowler considers the operational potential of current ADF research into solid state detection devices able to mimic the olfactory capabilities of explosive detection dogs.

Welcome to the Land Power Forum for 2022
1 February 2022 Army in MotionCognitive edgeFuture Ready

The Director of the Australian Army Research Centre (AARC) reflects on the enduring importance of Army adaptation and invites contributions to the AARC's several publications.

A soldier crouching and holding a 3D printed tile with a camouflage net in the background and with the cover of Spotlight Brief 7/21 in the foreground lower right corner
Science, Technology and Industry (Spotlight Brief 7/21)
10 December 2021 Spotlight BriefIndustryStrategic Analysis

The content in this article is an extract of Spotlight Brief 7/21.

QTC 2021 three people at the QTC 2021 table
Army sets their sights on robotic and autonomous systems, concepts, and technologies
9 December 2021 Quantum TechnologyEmerging TechnologiesRobotics & Autonomous SystemsRICO

Learn more about Army's ongoing research, exploration and evaluation of robotic and autonomous systems in these videos from the Army's Robotic and Autonomous Systems Implementation and Coordination Office (RICO).

An Australian Army soldier prepares a Bushmaster protected mobility vehicle with the cover of Spotlight Brief 7/21 in the foreground lower right corner
Force Design (Spotlight Brief 7/21)
7 December 2021 Spotlight BriefForce DesignStrategic Analysis

The content in this article is an extract of Spotlight Brief 7/21.

Irregular Warfare Essay Collection
6 December 2021 Human SecurityIrregular WarfareHybrid Warfare

This essay collection charts a trajectory for reinvigorating Australian Army’s expertise in Irregular Warfare. It provides a breadth of perspectives based on several case studies drawn from the authors' personal experiences and thoeretical analysis.

Three soldiers falling down through a vortex made of books with the cover of Spotlight Brief 7/21 in the foreground lower right corner
People, Culture and Ethics (Spotlight Brief 7/21)
3 December 2021 Spotlight BriefStrategic AnalysisPeople, Culture and Ethics

The content in this article is an extract of Spotlight Brief 7/21.

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