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The Land Power Forum blog is published by the Australian Army Research Centre in order to generate discussion and debate about the future of Army.

It is a forum for informed analysis, commentary, thoughts and ideas. Contributions are welcomed from stakeholders, subject matter experts and those interested in future land warfare.

Corporal Jeromy Ringshaw from Charlie Company, Army Recruit Training Centre, marches as part of a formed body during basic training at Kapooka, New South Wales.
Role and structure of a Reserve Force
2 June 2022 TrainingForce DesignStrategyTransforming Land Power

The ADF should develop a land force mobilisation capability by investing more effectively in the training of the ADF Reserve Force. Stephen Chamarette discusses why.

A Shadow Unmanned Aerial System from the 20th Regiment, Royal Australian Artillery, is launched at Townsville Field Training Area, Queensland.
Combat Power Beyond 2022
26 May 2022 Emerging Threats and OpportunitiesLand combatStrategyTransforming Land Power

In response to the challenges posed by rapidly advancing technology, Bruce Cameron recommends changes to the ADF's core philosophy of war and new principles for the guidance of commanders.

USAF C17 on runway in Afghanistan
How Washington misunderstood ‘Strategy’ in Afghanistan
24 May 2022 Landpower lessonsStrategic AnalysisLeadership

Anant Mishra reflects on the fall of Kabul and the opportunities lost by Washington to build a strategy for Afghanistan based on civil-military integration.

Man riding a cart pulled by a donkey in a village
A Challenge from Insurgency to the Nation-State
12 May 2022 Irregular WarfarePeople, Culture and Ethics

Tunisia is challenged by a dual insurgency, with affiliates of al-Qaeda and ISIS exploiting grievances within the population and leveraging Islam to mobilise support. In this essay, originally published in the Irregular Warfare Essay Collection, Clarence Hovell offers insights into security sector reform, policy renewal and the role of the population in addressing the challenges of insurgency.

Promo image with the Cover of The Darkest Year
Book Review - The Darkest Year
10 May 2022 Book reviewLandpower lessonsMilitary history

This book presents a collection of essays covering the experiences of the British Expeditionary Force on the Western Front. It is the fourth in a series of books, each covering a year of the war. This volume delivers the same high standards of scholarship as its predecessors and is highly recommended by its reviewer, BRIG Chris Roberts AM, CSC (Retd).

Promo image for Wellington and the Lines of Torres Vedras
Book review - Wellington and the Lines of Torres Vedras
26 April 2022 Book reviewLandpower lessonsMilitary history

For anyone wishing to know about the engineering feat that defeated the third French invasion of Portugal in 1810-11, BRIG Chris Roberts (Retd.) commends Mark Thompson's recent book, 'Wellington and the Lines of Torres Vedras'.

Logistics Specialist Seaman Courtney Lucarelli, from Youngstown, Ohio, directs landing craft air cushion (LCAC) 21, assigned to Naval Beach Unit 7, to depart a beach as a part of a large-scale amphibious assault training exercise during Talisman Saber 17. (U.S. Navy photo by Mass Communication Specialist 3rd Class Sarah Myers/Released)
Littoral Warfare in the Indo-Pacific
21 April 2022 Amphibious/joint/interagencyEmerging Threats and OpportunitiesOur Region

With the USMC undergoing major reforms in both warfighting doctrine and operational structure, Peter Dean outlines the importance of continued US support to key allies such as Australia.

A panel of Australian Army Warrant Officers take questions from the audience at the 2021 Senior Enlisted Conference in the Brisbane Convention and Exhibition Centre.
‘Transforming Land Power’ Series Competition
12 April 2022 Landpower lessons

The Australian Army Research Centre (AARC) invites you to contribute to the 2022 AARC Short Thoughts Competition, ‘Transforming Land Power’. This is your opportunity to help further Australian land power debate and for ADF and APS members to win a trip to the Chief of Army Symposium 2022 (CAS 22), Adelaide Convention Centre, 10-11 August 2022.

Promo for Friends are Good on the Day of Battle
Book Review - Friends are Good on the Day of Battle
7 April 2022 Book reviewLandpower lessonsMilitary history

The 51st (Highland) Division earned a high and fearsome reputation during the Great War. In his book, 'Friends are Good on the Day of Battle,' author Craig French provides a pragmatic assessment and deeper insights into the training, composition, and character of the 51st (Highland) Division than other histories have done, and along the way he challenges some long held views.

LT Misty Evans (31/42 RQR) briefs QPS and QFES personnel on ADF search activity.
Integrated Campaigning - Part 2
5 April 2022 LeadershipJoint warfarePeople, Culture and Ethics

Developing on his analysis in Part 1, Nick Bosio offers five characteristics that the ADF must nurture and build if it is to achieve the tenets of Integrated Campaigning.

A small housing structure in Mozambique Africa with a young child in the foreground; cover of Irregular Warfare Essay collection at bottom right
“You can’t start a fire without a spark”
31 March 2022 Irregular WarfareHuman SecurityPeople, Culture and Ethics

Brooke Barling reviews the events of the Mozambique Civil War and Rhodesian Insurgency through a theoretical lens known as the 'Triangle of Rebellion'. In doing so, she considers the conditions that exist in the region that could fuel future conflict and offers some lessons for Australian policy makers.

Promo image - 2034 A Novel of the Next World War
Book Review - 2034: A Novel of the Next World War
29 March 2022 Book reviewEmerging Threats and OpportunitiesMajor power competition

Dr Al Palazzo recommends this fictional work, '2034: A Novel of the Next War', for inclusion on military reading lists. A timely reminder that nuclear weapons cannot be used without risking the end of human civilisation, the book draws attention to the timeless human values that lie at the heart of all conflict and that remain critical to the understanding and waging of war.

Promo image for A Military History
Book Review - A Military Transformed?
24 March 2022 Book reviewLandpower lessonsMilitary history

'A Military Transformed?' by Lociceerio provides valuable insights into the factors that enable or impede adaptation, innovation and reform in military organisations. In the opinion of the book's reviewer, BRIG Chris Roberts (Retd.), these insights are as relevant today as they were in the periods covered by the book's 14 historical studies.

A Royal Australian Air Force airman talks to the C-27J Spartan aircraft crew as they prepare to depart High Range training area near Townsville, Queensland, during Exercise Talisman Sabre 2019.
Integrated Campaigning - Part 1
22 March 2022 LeadershipJoint warfarePeople, Culture and Ethics

Nick Bosio examines how Integrated Campaigning works at the tactical, operational, and strategic level. He argues that the concept of Integrated Campaigning offers an underlying logic thread that should guide Australian military professionals to think and solve problems.

Argentinian Station Antarctica South Pole
Australia’s Antarctic Frontier: Our Unchecked Indo-Pacific Strategic Faultline – Part 2
10 March 2022 StrategyEmerging Threats and OpportunitiesMajor power competition

Building on his earlier post, Kurt Brown makes a case of elevating Antarctica in Australia's strategic discussions and investment decisions, and for reinforcing the Antarctic Treaty System.

Members of the 1st Battalion, Royal Australian Regiment, patrol through a village during Exercise Chapel Gold 2018 in Chiang Mai Province, Thailand; cover of Irregular Warfare Essay Collection in bottom left corner.
Irregular Warfare Observations from Southern Thailand
3 March 2022 Irregular WarfareHybrid WarfareLandpower lessons

Using the Southern Thailand insurgency as a case study, Christopher Webb reviews the historical, social and economic conditions affecting the Southern Thai provinces and explores the military and political responses to the violence.

Promo image - book cover - Landrecies to Cambrai
Book Review - Landrecies to Cambrai
3 March 2022 Book reviewLandpower lessonsMilitary history

This book presents a series of battle narratives written by a British military officer who served during both World Wars. Primarily focusing on selected WWI German offensive and defensive actions, the book also outlines British activities at the time. BRIG Chris Roberts (Retd.) assesses the merits of the book and its continued relevance to contemporary military practitioners.

Children from Sudan in an arid environment with the cover of the Irregular Warfare Essay Collection at bottom right
Why Women Conform
1 March 2022 Human SecurityIrregular WarfarePeople, Culture and Ethics

Using the South Sudanese civil war as a case study, Steph Costa reviews literature within two fields of of study - gender and security, and predictors of rebellion - and finds that the crucial role of women in state security is consistently overlooked.

Map of Antarctica Edward VII Land and surrounds
Australia’s Antarctic Frontier – Part 1
22 February 2022 StrategyEmerging Threats and OpportunitiesMajor power competition

Demanding greater strategic attention from Canberra is the future of Antarctica where Indo-Pacific contestation is rising. In this two part article, Kurt Brown discusses why.

Cover of Shortest History of War with blurred and larger background of the cover
Book Review - The Shortest History of War
22 February 2022 Book reviewLandpower lessonsMilitary history

Does useful military history exist only in weighty tomes? Dr Albert Palazzo finds that - despite its brevity - Gwynne Dyer's concise book, 'The Shortest History of War' offers valuable insights into the profession of arms to experienced practitioners and new soldiers alike.

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