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Land Power Forum

The Land Power Forum blog is published by the Australian Army Research Centre in order to generate discussion and debate about the future of Army.

It is a forum for informed analysis, commentary, thoughts and ideas. Contributions are welcomed from stakeholders, subject matter experts and those interested in future land warfare.

An officer from the New Caledonian Armed Forces and an Australian Army soldier signal the end of live firing during Exercise Hydra 2019 at Greenbank Training Area, Queensland, Australia.
Our Region (Spotlight Brief 5/21)
25 August 2021 Spotlight BriefPeople, Culture and EthicsProximity and Partnerships

The content in this article is an extract of Spotlight Brief 5/21.

Australian Army officers from Joint Task Force 646 and representatives from the Department of Agriculture, Fisheries and Forestry, attend a hand over, take over meeting at McKinlay Shire Council.
Hindsight in 2021
24 August 2021 StrategyFuture Ready

This article reaffirms that constructive thought must lead action. Particularly, as our contest of ideas is important in an era of accelerated warfare and the applied value of our collective brainpower will continue to be the decisive difference tomorrow.

City skyline with burning buildings and sky filled with smoke
Urban Myths? Exploring assumptions in the literature of urban Warfare: Part 1
19 August 2021
Cover for Civil Resistance
Book Review: Civil Resistance
17 August 2021 Book review
An Australian Army soldier from the 1st Regiment, Royal Australian Artillery, during the firepower demonstration held at the Shoalwater Bay Training Area in Queensland, during Exercise Talisman Sabre 2021.
Future Land Warfare Collection 2021: The Debris of an Organisation
2 August 2021 Ready NowFuture ReadyForce Design
An Australian Army soldier and Army Reserve soldier conduct urban close combat clearances, during an integration activity at Townsville Field Training Area in Queensland, during Exercise Talisman Sabre 2021.
Future Land Warfare Collection 2021: A Grey Zone - or Just Irregular Warfare?
29 July 2021 Hybrid WarfareIrregular Warfaregrey zoneconvergence

The 2020 Defence Strategic Update normalised ‘grey-zone activities’ in the lexicon, introducing them as a strategic driver shaping Australia’s strategic environment and noting that Defence will expand its capability to respond to such threats. This task will prove difficult without a clear understanding of what is meant by the term ‘grey zone’.

Personal Protective Equipment, destined for Indonesia, prior to being loaded on to a No. 37 Squadron C-130J Hercules at RAAF Base Amberley.
Future Land Warfare Collection 2021: Joint Logistics Through Robotic and Autonomous Systems - Opportunities and Risks
29 July 2021 LogisticsRobotics & Autonomous Systems
An ARH-Tiger Pilot inputs data into the integrated bushfire tracking system at the conclusion of a reconnaissance mission over fire affected areas in the Yeppoon area.
Future Land Warfare Collection 2021: Data to Decisions: Enabling Military Decision-Making through Operations Research and Systems Analysis
29 July 2021 Strategic Analysis

Data-driven, analysis-based decision-making is the standard today in most successful businesses. Chief data officers and analytic staff with data scientists or operations analysts are increasingly a part of their structure.

D Trials 856 of Single Shock Engine test held at Woomera Test Range Facility. HyShot™ is an international space project led by The University of Queensland (UQ) which involves the launch of a Terrier Orion rocket fitted with a scramjet in an experiment at Woomera, 500km north of Adelaide. Launching of the Terrior Rocket fitted with the scramjet for the aquiring the data for the experiment.
Future Land Warfare Collection 2021: Three into five doesn't go
28 July 2021
Quantum Next Generation 2021 promo image
Quantum Next Generation 2021: Quantum Camouflage
27 July 2021 RICOQuantum Technology
Defence Science and Technology’s High Frequency Line of Sight Radar Receiver Array near Coondambo, captures signals reflected from overhead satellites, during SpaceFest 2019 at the Woomera Test Range in South Australia.
Future Land Warfare Collection 2021: Creating the Joint ISR Enterprise that Was Needed Yesterday
27 July 2021 Amphibious/joint/interagencyCultureArmy in Motion

This essay argues that the operational ISR enterprise should be reformed. As will be detailed, the solution is to reimagine the ISR enterprise through the creation of ISR ‘precincts’, supported by a joint ISR training program. Each ISR precinct comprises a joint ISR training section; a processing, exploitation and dissemination (PED) hub; and an attached dedicated all-source cell. The amalgam of ISR precincts with collocated all-source cells will enhance support to the decision-maker. A more effective ISR enterprise generates the tempo needed in decision-making to more efficiently respond to the challenges of the contemporary operating environment.

Promo image - FLW Essays
Introducing the Future Land Warfare Collection 2021, Australian Army Research Centre (AARC)
26 July 2021 Future Ready

The authors of the essays published in the 2021 FLW Essay Collection represent some of these important thinkers. The essays are written by members of the Australian Army Research Centre, the Australian Army History Unit, the Robotics and Integrated Technologies Coordination Office, and the Land Force Design and Force Structure Directorates.  Originally written for the 2020 Chief of Joint Operations Essay competition, these papers span some of the important priorities of an Army that is firmly focused on its transformation. They serve as an example of the institutional approach that Army needs to apply in terms of leading change and debating the future of the Australian Army.

A Precision Engagement Team small unmanned aerial vehicle is deployed during a live fire airbase protection scenario at the Singleton Military Training Area during Exercise Gathering Storm 21.
Future Land Warfare Collection 2021: A Proposed ‘Future Concept Narrative’ for the Australian Defence Force
25 July 2021 Ready NowFuture ReadyStrategy

Narratives are critical in that they give shape to strategy.[5] Military-strategic narratives in particular need to have resonance, coherence, authenticity and relevance across both space and time. This is vital to win public trust, gain legitimacy and secure cooperation at the nation-state level.[6] Military-strategic narratives strengthen the joint force by enabling and powering new thinking. This intellectual input is crucial now that the ADF is faced with responding concurrently to the variety of traditional and non-traditional security challenges that have emerged within the global system since the terrorist attacks of September 11, 2001.

Australian Army Reconnaissance Helicopter (ARH-Tiger) from the 1st Aviation Regiment approaches the deck of HMAS Adelaide alongside a CH-47F Chinook Helicopter from the 5th Aviation Regiment during deck landing certifications off Townsville during Exercise Sea Wader 2020.
Future Land Warfare Collection 2021: A Festival of Dangerous Ideas
25 July 2021 Strategy

The idea of ‘a festival of dangerous ideas’ is apt. Channelling the actual festival (held in Sydney each year since 2009), this critical examination of MDO seeks to ‘bring to light important conversations that push the boundaries of conventional thought’. The ‘dangerous ideas’ which emerge illuminate risk and opportunity for the Australian joint force in the increasingly uncertain years ahead.

Able Seaman Aviation Support Indiana Van Arkel communicates with the bridge from the Flight Deck of HMAS Canberra during Exercise Talisman Sabre 21.
Future Land Warfare Collection 2021: The Hidden Value of Change and Renewal for the Future Joint Force
25 July 2021 People, Culture and Ethics

This essay defines what intangible assets are and examines how they have changed over time and why they are important to building a stronger joint force. The discussion is contextualised by providing examples of why intangibles matter to the future value and strength of the joint force. This is followed by an analysis and comparison of Defence practices with external industry practices, to highlight possible gaps and opportunities in what is measured.[4] Are current measures of success applicable and transferable to the joint force arena? The final section of this essay challenges traditional military views and assumptions by exploring established paradigms and visualising how they could be different in the future to set the conditions for a stronger joint force to emerge.

Australian Army crew chief Lieutenant Dallin Stirling attaches post-flight safety tags to a Shadow 200 during Exercise Dragon Sprint at Townsville Field Training Area, QLD.
Future Land Warfare Collection 2021: Artificial Intelligence and Battlefield Aviation
25 July 2021 Artificial IntelligenceAviationRobotics & Autonomous SystemsModernisation

Advances in artificial intelligence (AI) augmented unmanned aerial systems (UAS), airborne autonomous logistic supply systems (AALSS) and optionally manned aircraft will challenge the way we develop, acquire and employ these systems. These advancements require us to fundamentally shift the paradigm through which we employ battlefield aviation. Now is the time for us to start planning and testing our new approaches.

Promo image - Spotlight Brief
Science, Technology and Industry (Spotlight Brief 4/21)
20 July 2021 Spotlight Brief

The content in this article is an extract of Spotlight Brief 4/21.

Promo image - Spotlight Brief
Force Design (Spotlight Brief 4/21)
20 July 2021 Spotlight Brief

The content in this article is an extract of Spotlight Brief 4/21.

Promo image - Spotlight Brief
People, Culture and Ethics (Spotlight Brief 4/21)
20 July 2021 Spotlight Brief

The content in this article is an extract of Spotlight Brief 4/21.

Promo image - Spotlight Brief
Economics (Spotlight Brief 4/21)
20 July 2021 Spotlight Brief

The content in this article is an extract of Spotlight Brief 4/21.

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