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Volume 9, Number 2, Winter

Journal Articles
Army After Afghanistan 
Lieutenant General David Morrison
Australia and the Neglect of Defence: Echoes of 1942 in the Formulation of Present Security Policy 
Dr Albert Palazzo
Army's All Corps Training into the Future 
Brigadier David Luhrs
The Military Needs More Disruptive Thinkers 
Benjamin Kohlmann
Disruptive Thinkers: Defining the Problem 
Peter Munson
Counter-IED Strategy in Modern War 
Captain David F Eisler
Remaining Timely and Relevant: Two Key Challenges for Army's Intelligence Capability Post-Afghanistan 
Lieutenant Colonel Scott Gills
Psychological Operations (PSYOPS) within the Australian Intelligence Corps: Should it Stay or Should it Go?
Warrant Officer Class Two Dallas Sharp
ANZAC Day Address: Kandahar Airfield, Southern Afghanistan, 25 April 2012 
Brigadier Chris Field
Combat Focus: A Commanders Responsibility in the Formation, Development and Training of Todays Combat Team 
Captain Scott Klima
A Simple Operation: The Japanese Invasion of Christmas Island 
Colonel Tim Gellel
Journal Book Reviews
Transforming Command and Six Essential Elements of Leadership 
Brigadier Chris Field
Anzacs Dirty Dozen: 12 Myths of Australian Military History by Craig Stockings (ed) 
Major Dayton McCarthy
Bully Beef and Balderdash; Some myths of the AIF Examined and Debunked by Graham Wilson 
Justin Kelly
Sir William Glasgow: soldier, senator and diplomat by Peter Edgar 
Dr Robert Stevenson
Boredom is the Enemy: The Intellectual and Imaginative Lives of Australian Soldiers in the Great War and Beyond by Amanda Laugesen 
Dr Craig Wilcox
Operation Anaconda: Americas First Major Battle in Afghanistan by Lester W Grau and Dodge Billingsley 
WO2 Ian Kuring
The Sixth Wave: How to Succeed in a Resource Limited World by James Bradfield Moody & Bianca Nogrady 
Major Cameron Leckie
Volume 9, Number 2, Winter

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