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Volume 19 Number 2

Journal Articles

The (Re)Rise of the Archipelagic Army: Geography, History, and the Ongoing Utility of Land Power in Australia’s Littoral Arc—A Primer
Peter Dean
Tenets for Littoral Operations
Matthew Scott
Supplies Over the Shore: Logistics and Australian Littoral Operations
Rhys Crawley
The 9th Division and the use of the Littoral in the Huon Peninsula Campaign September 1943–January 1944
Thomas Richardson
The Littoral Challenges of Operation ASTUTE, 2006
William Westerman
Unsinkable Ships? Theoretical and Historical Groundings of Joint Operations for Sea Control
Richard Dunley
Corbett Down Under: Sir Julian Corbett, Maritime Strategy, and Australian Land Power in the Indo-Pacific Arc
Ash Zimmerlie
Stand-in Manoeuvre in a Contested Littoral Environment
David Kilcullen

Journal Book Reviews

Born of Fire and Ash: Australian Operations in Response to the East Timor Crisis, 1999–2000 by Craig Stockings
Jean Bou
The War Game. Australian War Leadership from Gallipoli to Iraq by David Horner
John Nash
Urban Warfare in the Twenty-First Century by Anthony King
Charles Knight
War, Strategy, and Military Effectiveness by Williamson Murray
Chris Roberts
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