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Volume 15, Number 1, Autumn Edition

Journal Articles

Urban Warfare Capability: A Background to the Challenges and a Call for Professional Debate
Dr Charles Knight
The Battle of Marawi: Lessons for Developing Urban Capabilities
Captain James Lewis
The Challenges of Sustaining an Army in Motion
Lieutenant Colonel Kane Wright
The Innovation Warfighter: Improving Capability and Embracing Industry
Colonel Richard Barrett
Ethical Responses in the Aftermath of a Toxic Leader: An Australian Defence Context
Dr Jason Mazanov
The Evolution of Australian Army Training Adversaries: 1948–2018
Lieutenant Colonel Jim Sinclair
In Their Steps: The ADF and Camels
Captain James Barrett
Improved Methods for Transport and Preservation of DNA Samples for Victim Identification in a Military Environment
Flight Lieutenant Kirsty Wright, Commander Mark Page, Jasmine Connell and Janet Chaseling

Journal Book Reviews

Beyond Combat: Australian Military Activity Away from the Battlefield
Reviewed by Major Lee Hayward
Command and Morale: The British Army on the Western Front 1914–1918
Reviewed by Brigadier Chris Roberts (Ret’d) AM, CSC
Leadership Secrets of the Australian Army: Learn from the Best and Inspire Your Team to Great Results
Reviewed by Dr Stephen Mugford
The Last Battle: Endgame on the Western Front, 1918
Reviewed by Brigadier Chris Roberts (Ret’d) AM, CSC
Guarding the Periphery: The Australian Army in Papua New Guinea, 1951–75
Reviewed by Lieutenant Colonel Mark O’Neill
From the Somme to Victory: The British Army’s Experience on the Western Front 1916–1918
Reviewed by Brigadier Chris Roberts (Ret’d) AM, CSC