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Volume 19 Number 1

Journal Articles

Enabling Army’s Team Learning
Chris Stothard
The Design and Implementation of a Youth Learning Framework within an Ab Initio Officer Training Academy
Brad Kilpatrick
Australian Army Physical Training Continuum – Reducing Injury and Medical Discharge Rates
Micheal Abdel-messih
Army’s Gap Year: In Search of a Purpose?
Phillip Hoglin
Soft Power ‘Sky Net’ – The Importance of Artificial Intelligence for Information Operations
Callum Muntz
The Case for Cluster Munitions: Amend or Withdraw from the Convention on Cluster Munitions
James Saint
Primus inter pares vel primos? The Development of the Military Staff in the Australian Army
Leo Purdy and Tony Purdy

Journal Book Reviews

Cyber Warfare Ethics
Reviewed by Darren Cronshaw
Eight Hundred Heroes: China’s Lost Battalion and the Fall of Shanghai
Reviewed by Tim Gellel
The Witness
Reviewed by James Bryant
Elite Souls: Portraits of Valor in Iraq and Afghanistan
Reviewed by Garth Pratten
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