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Volume 13, Number 1, Autumn

Journal Articles
Soldier Enhancement: Ethical Risks and Opportunities 
Matthew Beard, Jai Galliott and Sandra Lynch
Autonomous weapon systems, international law and meaningful human control 
Captain Cindy Kua
ADF views on Islam: does cultural sensitivity training matter? 
Charles Miller
Learning the Hard Way: Developing Australian Infantry Battalion Commanders during the First World War 
William Westerman
Enabling Army Innovation 
Brigadier Chris Field
Strategic Planners: A response to operational complexity 
Major Andrew Maher
Preventing Catastrophic Terrorism 
Major Raymond Lindsay
Journal Book Reviews
The French Army and the First World War by Elizabeth Greenhalgh 
Reviewed by Brigadier Chris Roberts (retd)
The Fall of the Ottomans: The Great War in the Middle East by Eugene Rogan 
Reviewed by Dr William Westerman
To Kokoda by Nicholas Anderson 
Reviewed by Wing Commander Mark Smith (RAAF Standby Reserve)
Australia and the Vietnam War by Peter Edwards
Reviewed by Wing Commander Mark Smith (RAAF Standby Reserve)
Volume 13, Number 1, Autumn

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