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Volume 16 Number 2

Journal Articles

Riding Shotgun: Army’s Move to the Strategic Front Seat
Lieutenant Colonel Nick Brown
Moulding War’s Thinking: Using Wargaming to Broaden Military Minds
Lieutenant Colonel Nick Bosio
The Weight of the Australian Army’s Cyber Body Armour
Major Jack Cross
Are We Failing the Government’s $1.37 Billion Defence Innovation Strategy?
Captain Richard Williamson
Rifle Company Butterworth 1970–2020: Origins, Role and Future Possibilities
Lieutenant Colonel Richard Niessl
How’s Recruit Development Wing?
Corporal Gabrielle Hammond
Breaking Good: Capitalising on the JPME Reforms through Creative Practice
Lieutenant Colonel Mick Cook

Journal Book Reviews

Trust and Leadership: The Australian Army Approach to Mission Command
Dr Albert Palazzo
This Is Not Propaganda: Adventures in the War against Reality
Major Lee Hayward
On Obedience: Contrasting Philosophies for the Military, Citizenry and Community
Chaplain Nikki Coleman, PhD
No Visible Bruises: What We Don’t Know About Domestic Violence Can Kill Us
Chaplain Darren Cronshaw
A Research Agenda for Military Geographies
Major Cate Carter
Vietnam Vanguard: The 5th Battalion’s Approach to Counter-Insurgency, 1966
Major Andrew Maher
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