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Number 8, August-September

Journal Articles
Higher Defence Organization in Australia
Directorate of Military Training
Allied Grand Strategy in the Defeat of Germany
Colonel C. P. Stacey, Canadian Army
Developments in Armour
Directorate of Armour
Military Writing
Lieutenant-Colonel M. C. A. Henniker, Royal Engineers
Pacific Strategy
Lieutenant-Colonel A. H. Burne
Selection and Training of British Army Officers
Major-General R. J. Collins
Changes in the British Empire since 1939
Directorate of Military Intelligence
The German Invasion Plan
Lieutenant P. G. Lachlan, RN
The AMF Gold Medal Essay
Editorial Staff
Servo Systems
Major A. G. Cairns
The Central Army Records Office
Colonel R. L. Bennett
The Post-War Russian Army
Lieutenant-Colonel J. S. Addington, US Army
The School of Tactics and Administration
Lieutenant D. R. Jackson
Number 8, August-September

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