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Number 7, June-July

Journal Articles
Where Does the Army Stand To-Day?
Lieutenant-General S. F. Rowell
The Place of Armour in the Modern Army
Major-General W. G. Livesay, US Army
Modern Problems of Defence of the British Commonwealth
Directorate of Military Intelligence
Allied Grand Strategy in the Defeat of Germany - Part I
Colonel C. P. Stacey, Canadian Army
Supply by Air
Colonel R. G. Pollard
"Miniaturization" in the Development of Signal Equipment
Lieutenant-Colonel E. G. Foster
Operation "CAULDRON"
Directorate of Military Training
The Things that Matter
Report on Operations
Major P. H. Read, British Army
Mapping a Continent
Colonel L. Fitzgerald
The Middle East
Directorate of Military Intelligence
Eyes in the Night
Army Illustrated Magazine
Number 7, June-July

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