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Number 4, December-January

Journal Articles
Atomic Bomb Explosions
Dr. R. E. Lapp
Is Anything New?
Captain A. Preston
The Bulldog-Wau Road
Lieutenant-Colonel W. J. Reinbold
The First Australian Expeditionary Force
Editorial Staff
Guided Missiles
Major G. A. Johnston
The Importance of Africa in Relation to Commonwealth Defence
Directorate of Military Intelligence
The Tactical Employment of the Variable Time Fuze
Directorate of Royal Artillery
Offensive Air Support, Part 2
Lieutenant-Colonel C. A. E. Fraser
Recruiting One Hundred and One Years Ago
Lieutenant D. H. Colsey
The Rise and Development of the General Staff System - Part I
Major E. W. O. Perry
Cannae - The Perfect Battle
Directorate of Military Training
Mountain Warfare
What Air Power Can - And Can't Do
Hanson Baldwin
Are You a Good Instructor?
Directorate of Military Training
Number 4, December-January

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