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Number 3, October-November

Journal Articles
The AMF Gold Medal Prize Essay 1917-48
Lieutenant-Colonel E. G. Keogh
The Variable Time Fuze
Captain R. C. Baker
The Strategic Importance of Canada
Lieutenant-Colonel G. J. H. Wattsford, Canadian Army
Origin of Some Military Terms
Editorial Staff
Operation "Totalize"
Lieutenant-Colonel A. Jolly, Royal Tank Regiment
Durbar Notes, India
Offensive Air Support
Lieutenant-Colonel C. A. E. Fraser
Tradesmen for the Regular Army
Colonel G. H. S. Moran
Black Light
Warrant-Officer R. W. Sandon
Directorate of Military Intelligence
The Battle of Kursk
Military Review, USA
Raw Material
Field Marshel Montogomery
Number 3, October-November

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