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Number 122, July

Journal Articles
Defeating Tanks in the Jungle
Major P. D. Younge
Thoughts on the Build-up of the German Army
General Leo Frhr Geyr von Schweppenburg
Improved Reading
Captain N. F. Clarke
Weapons and Tactics
Lieutenant-Colonel J. C. Dean
The Nature of the Threat
Major-General R. A. Schow
The Formation and Development of Communes in Communist China
Staff Sergeant P. G. Gittins
Some Problems of Industrial Mobilization
Major A. G. Gibbs
Can We Limit Nuclear War?
Dr R. N. Rosecrance
Journal Book Reviews
South-West Pacific Area - First Year - Kokoda to WAU
Dudley McCarthy
The Steel Cocoon
Bentz Plagemann
1000 Men at War
Malcolm Uren
Allied Intelligence Bureau
Colonel Allison Ind.
Number 122, July

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