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Quantum Next Generation

The Quantum Next Generation Challenge series engages the next generation of quantum thinkers.

Australia is faced with the strategic challenge of converting its global leadership in quantum technology research into sustainable industrial and defence advantage. The Army Quantum Technology Roadmap outlines how we aim to build sovereign capability and leverage Australian research to gain and retain an early quantum advantage. 

As part of this journey, Army is challenging Australian industry and academia to identify the most disruptive applications of quantum technology to solve its most important problems. 

Quantum Next Generation (QNG) Challenge series

QNG is a series of technology challenges that Army has created to help develop the next generation of quantum thinkers.

The challenges are targeted at Australia’s talented undergraduate and postgraduate students, early career researchers (within 6 years of higher degree award), and Army’s organic talent. They provide participants with experience in building and pitching innovative quantum solutions to tackle some of Army’s biggest problems. We then shape and guide these solutions as they develop, to facilitate the transition of technology concepts into capability for the warfighter.

Past Challenges

The first challenge was the Quantum Next Generation Challenge 2021 (QNG21). It was the first in a regular series of technology challenges involving Australian postgraduate students, early career researchers and early-stage start-up entrepreneurs.

The Quantum Camouflage Challenge 2021 (QCamo21) involving serving ADF members.

While the two challenges attracted very different communities, both addressed a common scenario that arose as a result of technology demonstrated in Quantum Technology Challenge 2021. In that challenge event, a team demonstrated the enhanced capabilities and deployable nature of potential quantum magnetometers. Based on that outcome, QNG21 and QCamo21 teams were tasked to develop a solution to counter a UAV mounted quantum magnetometer. This could involve developing a means to either:

  • conceal our soldiers and assets from detection by airborne quantum magnetometers by reducing their magnetic signature in contrast to their surrounding environment; or
  • developing a solution that directly disrupts the quantum magnetometer.
  Challenge Quick Stats Outcomes

Quantum Next Generation 2021

to Invent a means to conceal our soldiers from the looming threat of detection by ultra-precise quantum sensors.

2 teams participated

Winning team was from the Queensland University of Technology (QUT) for their Suppression of Magnetic Anomalies in Real Time (SMART) proposal.

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Quantum Camouflage Challenge 2021

Invent a means to conceal our soldiers from the looming threat of detection by ultra-precise quantum sensors. 

4 teams participated

The winning QCamo21 team was XLH from the 10th Light Horse Regiment for their deployable de-perming station.

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Quantum Next Generation 2022 Radar Challenge

Find the optimal technique for employing quantum sensors in radar.

6-week Challenge.

17 teams participated

2 teams presented solutions and progressed to pitch their solution at PitchFest. One of the teams featured members from the Australian Army and Australian Navy, and the other was a team from the Australian National University. 

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