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Mark O'Neill


Lieutenant Colonel Mark O’Neill is an Army officer who works in the Future Land Warfare Branch of Army Headquarters. He has served operationally in Somalia, Mozambique, Iraq and Afghanistan. His PhD (UNSW 2013) examined contemporary counterinsurgency strategy.


Title Date Published
Punching at Air: The military and the Grey Zone
Living with Giants and fighting Lilliputians: Australia and irregular warfare in the Indo-Pacific Century
Living with Giants and Liliputians
Strategy (Spotlight Brief 1/21)
Spotlight Brief 1/21
New Publication: Spotlight Brief 1/21
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Geostrategic Dynamics (Spotlight Brief 1/21)
Economics (Spotlight Brief 1/21)
Spotlight Brief 2/21
Science, Technology and Industry (Spotlight Brief 2/21)
Our Region (Spotlight Brief 2/21)
Evolving Geo-strategic Dynamics (Spotlight Brief 2/21)
Strategy (Spotlight Brief 2/21)
Economics (Spotlight Brief 2/21)
Force Design (Spotlight Brief 2/21)
People, Culture and Ethics (Spotlight Brief 2/21)
Spotlight Brief 3/21
Our Region (Spotlight Brief 3/21)
Evolving Geo-strategic Dynamics (Spotlight Brief 3/21)
Strategy (Spotlight Brief 3/21)
Economy (Spotlight Brief 3/21)
People, Culture and Ethics (Spotlight Brief 3/21)
Force Design (Spotlight Brief 3/21)
Science, Technology and Industry (Spotlight Brief 3/21)
Future Land Warfare Collection 2021: A Festival of Dangerous Ideas
Designing the Future: Thinking About Joint Operations
Spotlight Brief 7/21
Our Region (Spotlight Brief 7/21)
Evolving Geo-strategic Dynamics (Spotlight Brief 7/21)
Strategy (Spotlight Brief 7/21)
Economy (Spotlight Brief 7/21)
People, Culture and Ethics (Spotlight Brief 7/21)
Force Design (Spotlight Brief 7/21)
Science, Technology and Industry (Spotlight Brief 7/21)