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People, Culture and Ethics (Spotlight Brief 2/21)

A strategic leadership theory of military effectiveness: General Matthew Ridgway and the revival of the US Eighth Army in the Korean War

Source: Australian Journal of Defence and Strategic Studies – Dec 20

Strategic leadership is critical to a military, but is a concept that can be difficult to grasp or define. An increase in tactical focus takes attention from understanding the role of strategy and the key elements that make up such strategic leadership. Meiser uses three building blocks – strategy, leadership and military effectiveness – to articulate and test the importance of strategic leadership, the role of people in creating and executing strategy and better ways of incorporating the impact of leadership on military effectiveness, including advancements in professional military education.


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Gender Blindness in US Doctrine

Source: Parameters – Winter 2020

Comparing and contrasting US, NATO and Australian doctrine with respect to gender within planning offers an opportunity to benchmark against our allies and continue self-assessment. Prescott describes the – unchanged – importance of including gender within a military planning process and highlights that ADF Joint doctrine is arguably world leading in doing so within kinetic and non-kinetic operations. He also highlights a disconnect between the Australian Joint and Land approaches (contrasting JDN 2-18, Gender in Military Operations with LWD 3-8-6, Civil-Military Cooperation) that, while complimentary, suggests the Australian Army should consider reviewing to ensure it includes essential considerations within its planning process.


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