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Economics (Spotlight Brief 1/21)

29 March 2021

Australian Army Research Centre Spotlight Briefs provide a periodically released curated overview of issues relevant to Australian Landpower. Spotlight Briefs derive solely from available open source material. Inclusion of material in a Spotlight Brief does not imply or reflect Australian Army, Australian Defence Force or Australian Commonwealth Government policy.

The below is a focus on the ‘Economics’ section of Spotlight Brief 1/21, which can be viewed fully here.

The Future of Work in the Mekong Subregion

Source: Center for Strategic and International Studies – Feb 21

The Greater Mekong Region is at the geographical heart of the Indo-Pacific.  Occupying 795,000 square kilometres, and with an estimated population of 326 million people spread across six nations, the region has global significance. The report analyses the future of work in the Subregion, with a specific focus on Myanmar and Cambodia. While the recent military coup in the former will influence the future of work in that country, and its relations with other countries in the region, the wider themes and trends identified in the report remain regionally valid. The report highlights challenge and opportunity associated with the profound demographic, economic and industrial changes anticipated. How successfully the changes are first understood, and then managed, have implications for the future prosperity and stability of this important subregion.

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