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Spotlight Brief 2/21

A Note from the Editors

Welcome to the second issue of the Future Land Warfare Branch’s Spotlight Brief from the Australian Army Research Centre’s (AARC). This issue has a focus on the region. The Indo-Pacific Region is vitally important. It is not only where we live, but also the place where the Australian Army and its people work cooperatively and collaboratively with our many allies, partners and friends to advance peace and security for all. This will be on display at the forthcoming Chief of Army Symposium 2021 (CAS) in Brisbane. The CAS will see notable academics and leaders in their field present on topics within the overarching theme of ‘Army in the region’. Alongside the symposium, the Army is conducting several invitation only activities germane to ensuring Army is not only ready now, but also future ready. These events will include:

  • the Army Innovation Day 2021 (AID21). The AID21 challenge statement is titled ‘Energy and environmental resilience’ and is seeking proposals that complement and improve the energy and environmental resilience of the deployed land force.
  • the Army Robotics Exposition 2021, to facilitate observation and demonstration of robotics and autonomous systems (RAS) concepts and technologies.
  • the Quantum Tech Challenge (QTC), a one day event that will showcase quantum technology applications in the future operating environment.
  • the Junior Leader Forum (JLF) will be an opportunity for selected soldiers to engage with Army's senior leaders and provide opinions and ideas on selected issues facing the Army, both present and future.
  • the Senior Enlisted Conference (SEC), hosted by RSM-A, an event bringing together regimental sergeant majors and selected junior members.

We would also like to acknowledge the valuable feedback we received about the first issue of the Spotlight Brief – we appreciate all of your commentary and advice. We will use it to inform the continual development of the brief and other AARC products.


Lindsay and Mark

Australian Army Research Centre Spotlight Briefs provide a periodically released curated overview of issues relevant to Australian Landpower. Spotlight Briefs derive solely from available open source material. Inclusion of material in a Spotlight Brief does not imply or reflect Australian Army, Australian Defence Force or Australian Commonwealth Government policy.

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