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Economy (Spotlight Brief 7/21)

29 November 2021

The content in this article is an extract of Spotlight Brief 7/21.

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Global Networks 2030: Developing Economies and Emerging Technologies

Centre for Strategic and International Studies – Mar 2021

Strategic competition in global communications is intensifying. the Centre for Strategic and International Studies has produced this report to help policymakers chart a strategic course regarding developing economies and emerging communications technologies. Hillman and Rivas core contention is that the United States and its allies must look ahead and formulate their own visions for global connectivity. This report emphasises that developing economies (particularly in Asia and Africa) are poised to play a much more significant role in global networks. Currently, more than half the world has limited or no access to the internet. As some of the world’s fastest-growing economies come online, they will decide which communications systems to adopt. Hillman and Rivas assert that it is economically and strategically critical that the United States and its allies capture the market share of this opportunity, as this will position these States to set the standards and norms of use.


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