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Our Region (Spotlight Brief 3/21)

8 June 2021

The content in this article is an extract of Spotlight Brief 3/21.

Ansar Al-Sunna Mozambique: Is It the Boko Haram of Southern Africa?

Journal of Applied Security Research – Feb 21

Australia’s national security attention rightly often focuses to the north. Increasingly, our use of the ‘Indo-Pacific’ to describe of region of interest requires greater awareness of the Indian Ocean region and security concerns within and around it. This includes awareness of Africa, where Great Power competition is playing out, along with other threats and opportunities. Mozambique is currently experiencing the rise of a radical Islamic insurgency in its north. Australia has links to Mozambique through membership of the Commonwealth, some resources-led enterprise (primarily export of over $AS670 million of Alumina Ore per year) and previous support to the United Nations Operation in Mozambique (Op CORACLE).  


‘Foreign fighters and the trajectory of violence in northern Mozambique’, War on the Rocks, 13 Apr 21

‘Mozambique: Why IS is so hard to defeat in Mozambique’, BBC News, 31 Mar 21

‘Mozambique conflict: Why will one million people have been forced to flee their homes?’, Sky News, 29 Mar 21

‘Mozambique's extremist violence poses threat for neighbors’, Deutsche Welle, 29 Mar 21

‘ASWJ: What we know’, Stable Seas, Dec 20

Time for a reckoning: Missiles have flown under the radar for too long in Asia

The International Institute for Strategic Studies – Apr 21

Missiles proliferation within the Indo-Pacific Region is on the rise. This research paper looks at the rise in numbers, capability and type of missiles within the Indo-Pacific region, including those ‘traditional ballistic missiles’ of the nuclear powers, but also other nations purchasing ballistic, cruise and hypersonic platforms. It offers broad frameworks for various options for missile control, cognisant of the fact that greater political and geostrategic areas at play. It highlights the rapidly changing regional missile environment  a possible flash point.


‘Cracking the missile matrix’, Australian Strategic Policy Institute, 22 Apr 21

‘Asia’s growing missile arsenals demand a response’, The Japan Times, 06 Apr 21

‘Threat Under the Radar: The Case for Cruise Missile Control in the Next National Security Strategy’, Real Clear Defense, 02 Apr 21

‘Hypersonic and directed-energy weapons: Who has them, and who’s winning the race in the Asia-Pacific?’, Defense News, 15 Mar 21

‘Philippines signs agreement with India for world's fastest supersonic missiles’, The Straits Times, 03 Mar 21

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