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Future Force Design

Thursday, 20 April 2017
Event Location
R1 Theaterette Russell Offices, Canberra

One thing that occupies the minds of a lot of people in the ADF, is the future of force design.  One of the key considerations for future force design is, what are the mission sets that we are preparing our people for?

That's where our seminar today comes in because we're speaking about the train, advise and assist mission set.  As our speaker points out, the ADF don't currently have forces specifically orientated to the mission of train, advise and assist. Instead this mission is regarded as something any soldier or officer can perform. This is not a universal approach. The United States and the United Kingdom have both created regionally-aligned units over the past decade, as a result of their lessons from the battlefields of Iraq and Afghanistan. Other competitors in the Middle East have also generated regionally-aligned units, such as the Islamic Revolutionary Guards Corps - Quds Force, whose success in generating influence is now reaping strategic reward.  

 This talk proposes what an Australian model of forces specially orientated to this train, advise and assist mission - or Special Warfare - might look like.

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