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From Dependency to Delusion: Dr Al Palazzo

Thursday, 21 March 2019

Dr Albert Palazzo is the Director of War Studies at the Australian Army Research Centre. In his seminar: ‘From Dependency to Delusion: Time for a New Beginning for Australian Security?’ he puts forward his arguments for Australia to take the major role for its security and not be reliant on a ‘big brother’ as has been the case since Federation.

In order to achieve this, Australia would not only need to bear the cost, it would need to change the way it engages within its region and change the structure of its Defence Force, perhaps returning to the days of the Citizen’s Military Force (CMF) much in the same way as the Swiss do today, with a primarily Reserve Defence Force and a small cadre of full-time professionals.

Dr Palazzo’s speciality of climate change and the security implications it will bring is also part of his argument for a change in Australia’s security structure and policy.