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Albert Palazzo


Dr Albert Palazzo is an Adjunct Professor in the School of Humanities and Social Sciences at UNSW-Canberra. Previously, he was the long-serving Director of War Studies in the Australian Army Research Centre, a part of the Future Land Warfare Branch in Army Headquarters. He has published widely on Australian military history as well as the future character of war. Amongst his many books are The Australian Army: A History of its Organisation; The Battle of Crete and Planning to Not Lose: The Australian Army's New Philosophy of War. His current research focus is on the potential of the Strategic Defensive to serve as the basis of Australia's defence policy. His next book is forthcoming from the US Army, Army University Press and is titled: Climate Change and National Security: The Implications for the Military.


Title Date Published
Chong Ju: Fires for a Future Age 20 Jun 2018
Land Forces 2018 Pt 1 - What Next? 15 Oct 2018
Land Forces 2018 Pt 2 - New Direction, New Communities 23 Oct 2018
Knowledge, the Master Program 5 Apr 2019
Crossing 2000 Kilometres of Death 17 Sep 2019
Getting an Army in Motion Moving 29 Oct 2019
Multi-domain Battle: Why it will Fail 6 Dec 2019
Volume 15, Number 2, Spring Edition 11 Dec 2019
Pre-Landing Operations: Getting Old Tasks Done in an Age of Transparency 11 Dec 2019
Coming to terms with the modern way of war: Precision missiles and the land component of Australia's joint force 11 Dec 2019
The Future of War Debate in Australia 13 Dec 2019
From Dependency to Delusion: Dr Al Palazzo 13 Dec 2019
Projecting Force: The Australian Army and Maritime Strategy 18 Dec 2019
From Moltke To Bin Laden: The Relevance Of Doctrine In The Contemporary Military Environment 18 Dec 2019
Forging Australian Land Power: A Primer 24 Dec 2019
Deterrence and Firepower: Land 8113 and the Australian Army’s Future (Part 1, Strategic Effect) 16 Jul 2020
Deterrence and Firepower: Land 8113 and the Australian Army’s Future (Part 2, Cultural Effect) 21 Aug 2020
Climate Change: An Existential Crisis 4 Sep 2020
Book Review: The New Rules of War: Victory in the Age of Durable Disorder 18 Nov 2020
Adding Bang to the Boat: A Call to Weaponise Land 8710 1 Dec 2020
Book Review - Anatomy of a Campaign 24 Mar 2021
Rethinking Land 8710 Phase 1: The Jet-Pack as the Ship-to-Shore Connector 15 Apr 2021
Planning to Not Lose: The Australian Army's New Philosophy of War 3 May 2021
Book Review - The Artillery at ANZAC: Adaptation, Innovation and Education 29 Jun 2021
Book Review - Death of the Wehrmacht 16 Nov 2021
Book Review - The Shortest History of War 22 Feb 2022
Book Review - 2034: A Novel of the Next World War 29 Mar 2022
The Australian Army’s Coming Strategic Role 16 Jun 2022
Book Review - The Rag Tag Fleet 12 Jul 2022
Book Review - Blood, Metal and Dust 27 Oct 2022
Volume 18 Number 1 7 Dec 2022
Land Warfare, an Introduction 16 Feb 2023
Land Warfare, an introduction 16 Feb 2023