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2018 Keogh Chair - Major General John Kem

This year’s visiting chair is Major General John Kem, the 51st Commandant of the US Army War College at Ft Leavenworth, Kansas, and in 2015, the first Provost of the newly-formed Army University which was responsible for integrating over 70 separate US Army TRADOC programs under one university system allowing soldiers to achieve valid academic credit for education and experience whilst serving.

Landpower in the 2020s: Challenges and Opportunities

MAJGEN Kem’s oration is on the subject of ‘Landpower in the 2020s’. The General’s experience as a soldier-scholar, with qualifications in the fields of military and civil engineering and business, experience in armoured and airborne warfare, as well as service in multiple active-duty assignments in the US, Europe, the Middle East and Afghanistan ensures he has a wide breadth of knowledge on the application of land power at all levels.

“From my foxhole, from a US LANDPOWER perspective, US superiority in ground warfare in recent years has diminished with respect to competitors,” said MAJGEN Kem, visiting Keogh Chair. Hear what he had to say as we approach the 2020s here:

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