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Staff Rides

Military Staff rides and battlefield study tours have long been used across the world’s militaries as an effective tool for the professional military education of officers with a focus on junior officers.

Each of these activities involves the study of a battle or campaign that includes an extensive field study phase on the actual ground with the aim of examining the battle and how it relates to the ground and environment to give context to the lessons to be learned and how they can be applied to contemporary warfighting.

The objectives of a staff ride or battlefield study tour may include the following:

a. To expose students to the dynamics of battle, especially those factors which interact to produce victory or defeat.

b. To expose students to the "face of battle," the timeless human dimensions of warfare.

c. To provide case studies in areas such as; the application of the principles of war, operational art, combined arms operations, the relationship between technology and doctrine, leadership, unit cohesion, and how logistical considerations affect operations.

d. To show the effects of terrain upon plans and their implementation.

e. To provide an analytical framework for the systematic study of campaigns and battles.

f. To encourage officers to study their profession through the use of military history.

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