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Chief of Army Scholars

The focus of the Chief of Army (CA) Scholarships is to enable high preforming individual’s time to invest in academic research of immediate benefit to the Australian Army, both in a broad sense and those that specifically address future warfare and the profession of arms.

The CA annually selects personnel to undertake research or professional development opportunities that will benefit Army from:

  • research that broadly aligns with the Army Strategic Futures Agenda (ASFA)
  • the professional development of scholarship recipients through their exposure to a diverse range of experiences and complex activities not normally available in Army.

The CA Scholarships will be awarded annually to suitably performing Army members of the rank Sergeant to Lieutenant Colonel for the purposes of academic research or professional development. Members who have been previously awarded a CA Scholarship are ineligible.

CA Scholarships will normally be granted in two categories:

  1. Academic Research. The proposed research must demonstrate utility to the Australian Army and, where possible, broadly align with the ASFA. On occasion, the CA may choose to nominate a particular field of research to be undertaken by applicants.
  2. Professional Development. The types of suitable activities or employment under the professional development strand of the CA Scholarship are not prescriptive, but should seek to afford recipients exposure to experiences, activities and learning not normally found in Army. Academic study (that is not research based) falls into the Professional Development strand of the CA Scholarship.

A CA Scholarship is normally approved for a period not exceeding 12 months, however the duration can be flexible to accommodate the completion of academic research requirements.

For further information refer to the Chief of Army’s Directive 01/18 [DPN access required].

Last updated: 7 September 2021 - 5:52am