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Lieutenant Colonel Eustace Keogh

The E.G. Keogh Visiting Chair is an annual visit by a selected eminent academic in strategic or war studies designed to increase the profile of debate on land warfare issues in Australia. The Visiting Chair, through public engagement and speaking events around Australia, contributes to the rigour of debate on land warfare in the contemporary environment.

Colonel Eustace Graham Keogh was the founder of the Australian Army Journal. Enlisting in the AIF underage, he sailed with the 3rd Reinforcements of the 1st Australian Wireless Signal Squadron in 1916 at the age of 17 years and 2 months and serving as a driver during the Mesopotamian campaign. He served again during WWII as a Major in the 2/24th Infantry Battalion back in the Middle East during the  campaigns in Greece, Crete and Syria, and later in New Guinea. After the war, and various staff and training roles, he was given the task of editing, publishing and distributing the Army Training Memorandum – a training journal. He later re-organised it into the Australian Army Journal and was its first editor in 1948.

The aims of the AAJ included the stimulation of thought and the encouragement of the study of military thought and to provide a basis of an Australian military literature where officers were encouraged to contribute ‘short, crisp articles of about 1000 – 1500 words’. So proficient was he that his role experienced ‘mission creep’ and soon he was writing lectures, speeches, and other special articles for the journal as well as a number of books.

Colonel Keogh contributed greatly to Army studies and research. The position of visiting chair is named in his honour.

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