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Australian Army Journal Volume 19 Number 2

As Army transforms to meet contemporary security challenges, it must optimise for littoral manoeuvre operations by the sea, land and air as part of the integrated force. Drawing on lessons from the ADF's operational history within the region and beyond, this volume of the Australian Army Journal applies focus to Australian operations in the littorals.

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What does it take to adapt Army?

The ‘Adapting Army’ podcast invites visionary leaders from Army, Defence, industry and academia to share their stories and insights to explore how Army can adapt through people, partnerships, and innovation. Join us as we examine how Army can drive change, harness disruptive technology, and take advantage of the exciting possibilities that will shape our preparedness and capabilities to meet the challenges ahead.

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Resetting the Australian Army Negotiating the 2023 Defence Strategic Review

Dr Albert Palazzo identifies the key aspects of the Defence Strategic Review and their importance to Army, highlighting that the overall message is positive for the land force. Using a number of historical reviews to illustrate how Army has responded to government directed defence policy re-assessments in the past, Palazzo points to a trajectory for contemporary capability renewal.

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Urban Warfare: A Practitioner’s Annotated Bibliography

'Urban Warfare – A Practitioners Annotated Bibliography’ provides access to a wealth of resources about urban warfare to military practitioners. In it, the AARC has collated over 500 papers, articles and reports on the topic of urban warfare. Each resource listed in the bibliography is directly or indirectly, accessible online, including many examples that would not otherwise be readily located using online search engines.

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This Strategic Assessment provides insights into the global supply chain issues that will shape Defence’s ability to maintain adequate war stocks of strike weapons. It discusses the impact of the Russian invasion of Ukraine on Western stockpiles, the diversification of rare earth processing and the increasing pressure on Western militaries to secure their stockpiles of strike weapons. These topics have been emphasised on the basis of their significance to long-term strategic decision making, the formation of narratives, and their potential influence on capability development and the future force outlined in the 2023 Defence Strategic Review (DSR).
This Spotlight Brief examines Russia’s combined-arms approach during its invasion of Ukraine in 2022. To provide context, it discusses the primary Russian tactical unit of action, the Battalion Tactical Group. It subsequently explores a range of observations on the application of combined-arms at the tactical level during the initial phases of the invasion. It concludes by offering a number of deductions pertinent to the Australian Army’s own application of combined-arms.
This Spotlight Brief describes the events of the 2022 Russian invasion of Ukraine, part of the ongoing Russo-Ukrainian War. This analysis is in three parts: first, it examines the broad composition of the Russian and Ukrainian Armed Forces; second, it discusses the first phase of the invasion from February-April outlining the major operational level actions; and third, it discusses the invasion’s second phase covering the April-June period.
The term ‘scalability’ is in widespread usage both inside and outside of Defence. However, there is a lack of a coherent conceptual, theoretical and practical framework for practitioners. In this Occasional Paper, author Dr Renée Kidson provides the foundation knowledge necessary to start the scalability journey, whether your business is warfighting, leading a public agency, turning a profit or running a charity.
While militaries publicly declared an interest in robotic and autonomous systems (RAS), no documented wide-scale deployments of weapon systems exist. This paper co-branded with RAND identifies a promising range of RAS technologies with military implications and evaluates the potential barriers to their widespread adoption.
Reflecting on recently introduced ADF-wide policy on respite, author Phillip Hoglin identifies areas for further improvement. He outlines factors that contribute to enduring challenges to the achievement of consistent respite policy, with reference to both Australian and overseas experience. Hoglin identifies a spectrum of applied and academic approaches to address these issues and, based on his analysis, provides several workable options for consideration by the ADF.
  • An Australian Army M1A1 Abrams Main Battle Tank fires its main armament during Exercise Gauntlet Strike at Puckapunyal Military Training Area in Victoria.

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