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Army Quantum Technology Workshop 2021

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The Australian Army invites the Australian Quantum Technology community to the Army Quantum Technology Workshop 2021 (AQTW21) within the Australian Institute of Physics (AIP) Summer Meeting on Tuesday, 7 December.

AQTW21 is the first in a regular series of Workshops where Army is seeking to directly engage with the Community to communicate its interests and intentions in quantum technology, build collaborative networks and relationships, curate its understanding of the quantum technology landscape, and workshop ideas with the Community about how Army can gain and retain a quantum advantage.

The new Workshop series is one means by which Army is implementing Army Quantum Technology Roadmap Line of Effort 1 – Collaborate. The primary aim is to grow a collaborative community drawn from Quantum Research, Quantum Industry, Defence Industry, Army and broader Defence, focused on the development and application of quantum technologies for the land domain.

AQTW21 will begin with Army presenting its Quantum Technology Roadmap and addressing questions from the Community. Community members will then be invited to join Army personnel in small groups to meet, describe their quantum-related activities and capabilities, workshop their ideas about how Army could apply and benefit from quantum technologies, and discuss how best to advance those ideas with Army and Defence more broadly.

The outcomes of AQTW21 will inform Army’s future actions in quantum technology. Community participants should expect to gain new and refined understanding of how their quantum research and technology may benefit Army and how best to collaborate with Army, Defence, defence industry and other members of the Community.

Participation in AQTW21 is open to all registrants of the AIP Summer Meeting. See the Summer Meeting website for registration information.

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