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David Kilcullen


Dr. David Kilcullen served 24 years as an army officer, diplomat and policy advisor for the Australian and United States governments. He served in regimental, instruction and staff postings in the Royal Australian Regiment, Directorate of Infantry, and Army Headquarters, served as an exchange instructor on the a British Army Platoon Commander’s Battle Course, and deployed on operations in Cyprus, Bougainville, Indonesia and East Timor, before retiring as a Lieutenant Colonel. He then served as a senior analyst in the Office of National Assessments and was a member of the writing team for Australia’s national counterterrorism white paper in 2004. In the United States he served on the writing team for the 2006 Quadrennial Defence Review, then as Chief Strategist in the U.S. State Department’s Counter terrorism Bureau, serving in counterterrorism roles Afghanistan, Pakistan, Iraq, Southeast Asia and the Horn of Africa. He served in Iraq as Senior Counterinsurgency Advisor, Multinational Force—Iraq through 2007, before becoming Special Advisor for Counterinsurgency to the Secretary of State in 2008-2009. He was the State Department’s representative on the 2008 Lute Review of Afghanistan-Pakistan Strategy, was lead author for the U.S. Government Counterinsurgency Handbook, and founded the ISAF Counterinsurgency Advisory Assistance Team in 2009.

(Last updated: December 2014)


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David Kilcullen

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