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Interactive Scenario: Concept for Clearing Hobart

Aerial image of Hobart

The following interactive scenario is part of an ongoing series written by Dr Charles Knight on the topic of urban warfare.

Readers are invited to use this Land Power Forum to propose a concept for an Australian clearance operation on dense urban terrain against determined opposition similar to that encountered by the Armed Forces of the Philippines during the Battle of Marawi.  You might suggest ways of employing existing capabilities, or the introduction of different systems—with the proviso that any proposed additional equipment at least have been demonstrated in prototype form somewhere.

The scenario: Approximately a thousand irregular fighters have seized the city of Hobart.  During a month of clashes and negotiation most of the hostage civilian population has been freed, but the militants have thoroughly prepared the city for defence and they have generous stocks of explosives and ammunition.  You may assume that, echoing the deployment of the Armed Forces of the Philippines on Mindanao, an Australian multi-brigade force can be assembled in Tasmania. 

Suggestions for structuring your response:

  1. Broadly describe the overall force and operational concept and any new capabilities.
  2. Give more detail of the tactical concept at either battle group or combat team level. 
  3. Explain why you think your chosen equipment and methods will be effective, whenever possible giving historical cases that illustrate this.  

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