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2021 Chief of Army History Conference

20 October 2021
Australian soldiers disembarking a naval ship

Contingencies and Compromises: Mobilisation and The Australian Army

Virtual Conference via Zoom – 0830 to 1630 Wednesday 10 November 2021

The theme of the 2021 Chief of Army History Conference is ‘Contingencies and Compromises: Mobilising the Australian Army’. The Conference will focus on the Australian Army’s history of mobilising to meet challenges across the globe.

Presenters will explore the challenges of mobilising land forces throughout history to meet different security threats and the successes, failures and lessons these present for Army today. The conference will bring together panellists from a broad range of backgrounds – commanders, strategic advisers, and military historians – to share their expertise on the challenges of mobilising land forces to meet different security threats.

The presentations will reinforce that some mobilisation problems are perennial, and that it is better to be armed against repeating these mistakes by learning the lessons from the past. The Conference provides a Professional Military Education opportunity to prepare Army’s people for the challenges they may face in the future, as well as providing guiding principles from which to approach planning for future operational, administrative or modernisation requirements.

To register for the event and join on the day, audience members will require a Zoom Events account set up using the same email account used to register for the event. Make sure you download the latest version of the Zoom application to make the conference experience as smooth as possible. The event cannot be accessed on the Defence network, but will need to be accessed from a non-DRN computer. You can still however connect to Zoom using a Defence email address.

Register your attendance for the Conference here.

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