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Gayan Kahandawa Appuhamillage


Associate Professor Gayan Kahandawa Appuhamillage is an expert in sensor technology, control systems and mechatronics. His work on development of sensor networks for aircraft, been patented by Boeing Company (US patent: US20140304203A2). He used fibre optic sensors and AI based algorithms for monitoring structural changers/damage to air crafts for structural integrity. He also has used sensor network to monitor West Gate Bridge in Melbourne. The system developed logged strain data from the bridge before and after a critical repair and used advance data processing techniques to monitor the repair and measure the effectiveness of the work. He also has worked with a semi-trailer manufacturer (MaxiTRANS) in Australia for development of loading profile for semi-trailers. A semi-trailer was instrumented with accelerometers, strain gauges and pressure sensors for data capturing and driven interstate while recording the data. GPS tracking and temperature logging also used for understanding the environment. Two weeks’ worth of data was used for development of the loading catalogue. He has recently worked with MaxiTRANS to develop rear wheel steering system for semi-trailers along with Dr Spark, Dr Karmakar and Dr Hewawasam. He also works with Dr Hewawasam on the development of novel humanlike navigation algorithm for mobile robot navigation.