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David Beaumont


Colonel David Beaumont joined the Australian Army in 1995 as a logistician. His core fields of expertise include mobility planning and ‘theatre’ logistics support, and he has been actively involved in Army concept development and modernisation throughout the last decade. He has seen operational service in East Timor, Central Asia, Iraq and Afghanistan at various stages of his career. In 2017 he commenced doctoral research on logistics and preparedness at the Strategic and Defence Studies Centre, Australian National University, as a Chief of Army Scholar and as a Military Fellow. This was followed by his appointment as Chief Instructor at the Army School of Logistics Operations in 2018. 

Colonel Beaumont advocates for an improved understanding of logistics issues and consequences within the military, academic and national-security communities. He has written extensively on topics including strategy, expeditionary warfare, strategic competition, preparedness, organisational design and force structure, policy and operational logistics. He publishes regularly at ‘Logistics in War’ ( and has authored numerous other articles and papers. 

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David Beaumont




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