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Amal Jayawardena


Mr Amal Jayawardena is a mechanical engineer and graduate researcher with a strong academic and professional background. He earned his mechanical engineering degree with first-class honors (Summa Cum Laude) from Brigham Young University USA receiving the prestigious Thomas E. Ricks academic full scholarship. Currently, he is pursuing his Ph.D. research in Mechanical Engineering at the University of Melbourne focing on drug design and computational optimisation.

In his Ph.D. research, Amal focuses on optimizing a novel antimicrobial drug (SNAPP) to combat multi-drug-resistant bacteria. He employs computational chemistry and machine learning techniques to address this critical issue. As a dedicated member of Engineers Australia, Amal is actively contributing to the field of engineering.

Amal's professional journey includes roles as a Research Engineer at Federation University and a sessional lecturer. He has also achieved a patent in collaboration with the Department of Transport of Victoria (Patent Number: AU2022206706A1). Currently, he is working on another patent-worthy project in partnership with CSIRO and FMP Australia to develop a smart brake pad (Patent Application Number: 2022903230).